Save Money with Meal Planning

June 10 2013

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Save money with meal planningAre you a last minute shopper? Are you adding to your shopping list at the same time as trying to find the shopping cart in the store? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But there is another way!

Meal planning is the best way to shave off hundreds of dollars from your monthly grocery list and reduce grocery shopping stress. MealEasy can help!

How does meal planning save money?

All it takes is a few minutes with your tablet or desktop computer to select meals for the week. A grocery list is generated with a list of all ingredients needed for the recipes you selected for your personalized weekly meal plan. The printable grocery list is organized by aisles in the store to make it easy and fast to shop for what you need.  You can edit the list and add other items such as toothpaste and remove ingredients you already have, such as garlic.

When you build your list around a weekly meal plan, you only buy what you need. Sifting through all the recipes the meet your dietary needs, gives you the option to choose meals with items that are on sale at the grocery store. Preparing meals that are good for you and your family helps you to stop wasting food in the fridge. No more episodes of “What’s for dinner?” and going to the fridge to find wilted greens.

No expensive last minute decisions!

Too many times we are pressured into thinking that the only option for dinner is fast food because there’s so little time between events on a school night, or we’ve left the decision too late in the day and can’t remember what we have in the fridge. MealEasy makes it easy! Review your meal plan on your mobile phone, know exactly what you’ve planned for leftovers on those busy weeknights, and you’ll never feel like your only option is fast food. With MealEasy, you can easily alter the serving numbers for each recipe if you want to make extra to put in the freezer for another week.

Give MealEasy meal planning a try, and you’ll feel great and save money for your next family vacation!


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