Planning Balanced Meals

April 26 2011

By MealEasy in Planning Tips

It’s all about variety…

Finding the Balance: The Basics of a Nutritionally-Balanced Week

Planning balanced meals isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, it’s simple!

Eating a balanced diet isn’t just about keeping thin and being able fit into that new bikini. Far beyond the benefits of looking great are the joys of feeling healthier, happier and able to live for longer.

Not sure how to plan balanced meals? Need help with Healthy Meal Plans or to kick-start planning a balanced diet?

Simple Balanced Meal Planning

The key is to keep things simple. A perfectly balanced meal doesn’t have to be stressful and over-complicated. Here are some tips for balanced meal planning:

  • Start meal planning slowly and make gradual changes over time
  • Prepare a well-balanced meal that you can freeze, for convenience
  • Focus on finding nutritionally balanced foods that you love
  • Get colourful! Include greens as well as brightly coloured foods (natural colours, of course!)
  • Remember that each small change makes a difference
  • Ditch convenience foods and retain control of what you eat by cooking at home

…it only takes 15 minutes to prepare a well-balanced meal!

Over 2000 Balanced Meal Plans!

We’ve made it even easier for you to start planning balanced meals with MealEasy, the premier online meal planner. With over 2000 Balanced Meal Plans created in-house, you can be planning a balanced diet from the second you become a member.

Our system will even compile your grocery list, and take you through preparation – step by step.

Balanced Meal Planning Is The Key To Longer Life!

Get started planning balanced meals. It couldn’t be any easier. After joining you can select the number of servings you’d like to plan for, as well as setting any dietary/allergy food preferences. Balanced meal planning simply requires you to select each day of the week and search for a meal you’d like to prepare (our system will also make a suggestion for you). Your nutritionally balanced grocery list is generated automatically as well as step-by-step preparation and cooking instructions for all balanced meal ideas.

From the first time you experience the power of MealEasy, you’ll agree that balanced meal planning couldn’t be any easier!  Your whole family can look forward to hundreds of balanced meal planning ideas, and restaurant-quality food that can be prepared in your own kitchen.

Get Colourful and Get Creative

The perfectly balanced meal should contain a variety of colours. Here are some suggestions:

  • Go green! Greens are packed with body-strengthening nutrients, including Calcium, Iron and Vitamins A, C, E and K.
  • Can’t see the ‘a-peel’ of fruit? You’ll soon change your mind after tasting a delicious fruit smoothie. Fruits are a major source of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins.
  • Sounds sweet? Of course it does! Incorporating brightly coloured, naturally sweet food into your balanced meal planning will reduce your cravings for artificial sugar and other non-natural sweeteners. You”ll feel less bloated and can say goodbye to the bad-diet mood swings.

We” href=”javascript:smae_decode(‘c3VwcG9ydEBtZWFsZWFzeS5jb20=’);” >Email Online Meal Planning or start your membership today and Sign Up for Our Balanced Meal Planning Program.

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