Own Your Health, Control Your Destiny

April 04 2018

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Over the years, we as society have lost control of our health. We willfully handed over the keys to our own wellbeing to others, whether we realize it or not, we have done so and continue to do. Most of us live our entire life unknowingly programmed to think and act a certain way when it comes to decisions about our health and we are much sicker and die many years prematurely as a result.

You may be thinking this can’t be true and no one in their right mind would do so, but let’s dig deeper and see.

On the surface everything seems normal. We live our lives hardly taking a breath to consider the fact that much of what we do with regards to our health has been influenced by what someone else wants us to do.

Doctors Have Good Intentions

Traditionally, when dealing with serious health issues our first line of defense is advice we receive from our doctors. Doctors are our mechanics that help fix us when our body is not working as it ideally should. They have good intentions and are there to help us in times of need, conducting much needed medical assessments, prescribing medications, directing us for further medical assistance, etc.

However, the majority of doctors are not trained to address the underlying cause of most chronic health issues (including our most prominent issues such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.), nor do they have the required time and methods to deal with the the underlying cause.

Most have only a few short minutes to see each patient and send them on their way. As much as they’d like to, the medical system is not designed to offer the level of support needed to achieve optimal health.

In most health cases, there is MUCH more that can be done to address specific health issues (without the need for potentially dangerous medications, or invasive medical procedures, that in many cases are unnecessary). This is not to discredit doctors or their advice in any way; they do what they’ve been trained to, but that’s not necessarily the best outcome for you as a patient.

Industry Influence

Each day we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we look, including TV, web sites, emails, traditional mail, newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio ads, etc. Subconsciously we are progressively being influenced on what to buy, what to food to eat, what fast food restaurant to go to, what medicine to take, what pharmaceuticals and medical procedures we should ask our doctor about, etc. We are subconsciously being programmed to act and think a certain way, and much of what this leads to directly or indirectly influences our overall health.

Behind the scenes, industry giants influence our law makers by lobbying and pressuring specific decisions. This includes influencing what foods you will eat. Food sectors such as the sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMO (investing $101 million in 2015 alone to stop labeling of GMO foods) and processed food giants can and do pressure governments and health/food administrations on guidelines distributed to the public on safe food consumption; regardless of if it is truly safe to consume. In the end, the consumer pays the price with poorer health as a result of following guidelines that aren’t designed for truly optimal health.

What You Do Matters Most

Most of us likely already know that our own health is our own responsibility, but the majority of us aren’t really doing much at all about it. This is plainly evident in the obesity epidemic that is now totally out of control and related diseases that shorten our lifespans unnecessarily.

This is a wake up call to all of us that something is terribly wrong and something needs to be done!

The solution is that we each need to start taking our own health seriously and stop relying on others to do it for us. We are not victims of what others tell us to do and can determine our own destiny by the actions (or inactions) we take each minute of each day.

Yes, the medical industry has a time and place in the equation for good health, but what we do on our own is the most important part!

Yes, media and industry will continue to influence us as to what to buy.

But the key thing to remember is:
We have a choice in how we react!

The Underlying Cause

The most prominent health issues are a result of our lifestyle.

Please read that last sentence again and let it sink in.

It’s what we do or don’t do each day that for the most part determine our destiny, and this is particularly true when it comes to our health. What you eat throughout the day is perhaps the single biggest influence on your health.

Want to take control of your future? Then start by making better decisions each day. It’s that simple.

Avoiding processed foods is perhaps the single biggest thing you can do to change the future of your health (and that of your family and future generations as a result).

The Right Track To Optimal Health

Having read this article, the majority of us won’t change how we do things. The status quo is too ingrained in our lives and it’s purposefully easy for us to keep doing what we’ve always done, failing victim to influence that in the end severely harms our health. We as a society have essentially stopped thinking for ourselves.

But it doesn’t have to continue to be this way…

We can take back control of our own health and change our future. Here’s how.

When dealing with anything that relates to our health:

  • Start thinking for ourselves
  • Question what you are told
  • ALWAYS do your own research
  • Start using food as your medicine
  • Have a plan and stick to it each day

These points are increasingly important as medical errors are the #3 cause of death in the USA!

It’s also now known that the most common chronic diseases are metabolic issues that can be addressed with lifestyle. Recent studies are now showing that these diseases are not primarily genetic and that what we do on a routine basis has a bigger impact then once thought.

For an easy way to get on a track to a healthier lifestyle, consider joining MealEasy today. It’s the reason we created it – to help you improve your health by helping you fix the underlying cause of poor health. Eat better, feel better with MealEasy.


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