Habits of Healthy Eaters

July 16 2013

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Getting kids to eat vegetables can be frustrating at the best of times. Blending kale to hide it in a soup is one way, but an easier way may be to involve them in planning, shopping and cooking delicious family meals.

Young children love to role play “parents” and if given the chance to plan a lunch or supper, they might pleasantly surprise you with their culinary creativity.

The MealEasy online meal planning app is an easy and fun way for kids to feel proud about the food they eat. They can select meals that look good, contain ingredients they like and generate an organized  grocery list to help mom and dad shop in the store. Children, especially tweens and teens, can surf through the recipes and select favorites that they enjoy making and eating.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Building healthy eating habits early in their lives ensures children will get the most from their bodies and live life to the fullest, one carrot stick at a time. After all, being healthy is about making a choice to live a healthy lifestyle. One with moderation, exercise, and of course, a little planning.

Get started today at www.mealeasy.com and Taste the Good Life.

There's a Gourmet Chef in Every Child

Watch Haile’s speech at TEDxKids @BC, “There’s a Gourmet Chef in Every Child”


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