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Save Money with Meal Planning

June 10 2013

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Save money with meal planningAre you a last minute shopper? Are you adding to your shopping list at the same time as trying to find the shopping cart in the store? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But there is another way!

Meal planning is the best way to shave off hundreds of dollars from your monthly grocery list and reduce grocery shopping stress. MealEasy can help!

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It’s in the bag!

July 11 2012

By MealEasy in Articles, Save Money

A recent survey by Visa Canada found that a whopping 60% of Canadians buy their lunch at least once a week.

This amount may be the same across North America. So, you might think the buying your lunch once a week is not so bad, heck, you may even splurge and buy lunches more than once a week; what’s $20 here or there.

Healthy lunch optionsThe same survey found that the average person spends between $7 and $13 dollars on lunch and sometimes even as much as $25! That may not sound like a lot but when you multiply that by 52 weeks (52 weeks X $13 = $676) you get almost $700!!! That’s a big chunk of change.

Now what if your spouse is doing the same? There’s another $700. Hey, don’t we give the kids money for lunch once a week too? That’s 2 kids and maybe a little less cash; let’s say $7…which would add up to another $700…next thing you know, you’ve spent over $2000 a year on restaurant lunches!

Looking over our meal facts, you’ll find that the average cost per portion of MealEasy’s complete meals will come out to be about $2.06 per portion! That’s a huge savings and all you did was bring your lunch from home.

I know what you’re saying: “but I don’t have time to make my lunch in the mornings”. I’ve got one word for you…leftovers! I know, I’ve preached about the advantages of leftovers here before but that’s because it just makes sense both financially and from health and nutrition perspective. What’s better than a meal where you know what all the ingredients are and how much fat and calories it contains?
This week, I made quinoa salad to go with my pork chop which I grilled for dinner on Sunday night. I made lots of quinoa so I could have some for lunches for at least half of the week. It doesn’t get boring because last night for dinner I cooked some green and yellow beans as side vegetables. A coked extra and then added them to the quinoa salad. Tonight, I’ll add some leftover zucchini…it makes for a different salad everyday with minimal effort.

The MealEasy Meal Planner allows you to choose how many portions of a dish you want to make and them scales the recipe accordingly; it also adjust the grocery list so you have everything you need. We also conveniently tell you which meals are freezable so you can make extras and keep them for lunches down the road.

It only makes sense. Why spend $700 a year that you don’t have to? Brown bag it…it’s the way to go.

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