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What do kids really want to eat?

October 10 2013

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We get asked all the time here at MealEasy if we have any “kid friendly meals”. And to be honest, we’re often at a loss on how to answer this question.
What defines a “kid friendly meal”?

  • Is it something nutritious?
    Then yes we have those.
  • Is it something quick to prepare?
    Yes, we have those meals too.
  • Is it something straight out of a package or from a fast food joint?
    Then NO; those we don’t have.

This awesome video explains how we’ve been coerced into believing that sugar coated cereals and fat laden burgers and fries are what every kid wants. It’s great viewing and may change your mind about what is a “kid friendly meal”.



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Habits of Healthy Eaters

July 16 2013

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healthy meal planning

Getting kids to eat vegetables can be frustrating at the best of times. Blending kale to hide it in a soup is one way, but an easier way may be to involve them in planning, shopping and cooking delicious family meals.

Young children love to role play “parents” and if given the chance to plan a lunch or supper, they might pleasantly surprise you with their culinary creativity.

The MealEasy online meal planning app is an easy and fun way for kids to feel proud about the food they eat. They can select meals that look good, contain ingredients they like and generate an organized  grocery list to help mom and dad shop in the store. Children, especially tweens and teens, can surf through the recipes and select favorites that they enjoy making and eating.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Building healthy eating habits early in their lives ensures children will get the most from their bodies and live life to the fullest, one carrot stick at a time. After all, being healthy is about making a choice to live a healthy lifestyle. One with moderation, exercise, and of course, a little planning.

Get started today at and Taste the Good Life.

There's a Gourmet Chef in Every Child

Watch Haile’s speech at TEDxKids @BC, “There’s a Gourmet Chef in Every Child”


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Memorial Day Menu

May 24 2013

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For many in the United States, Memorial Day is the first long weekend of summer and it’s time to get the barbecue going! Chef Paul created a fabulous menu to give you an eat-in or take-out picnic lunch.

Give it a try and post pictures of your meal on the MealEasy Facebook page.

Print Grocery List for this meal (pdf)>>> Download

Print Memorial Day Menu (pdf) >>> Download

Memorial Day Menu


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Fast, Fresh & Easy Lunch Idea

May 22 2013

By MealEasy in Family, Nutrition, Recipe

Balsamic Chicken SaladDo you think you’re getting the “healthy option” when ordering a salad from a fast food joint? Think again.

While some salads may offer less fat and calories than other menu items, often adding a bit of grilled chicken on your salad will make it as fat filled as a double Quarter Pounder with cheese!

Even if you do choose one of the “healthier” salad options, quite often you’re overwhelmed with sodium that’s three times the suggested meal amount of 480mg.

Do you want to eat a healthy salad for lunch? Then make it at home and brown bag it. That’s the only way you know what’s in your lunch. Don’t have time to make a salad in the morning? Then plan ahead! Last night’s leftover roast chicken will be great on mixed greens. Top the fresh greens with some cherry tomatoes and some toasted walnuts (toasted on the weekend and kept in the fridge for future use).

Add a little homemade balsamic dressing and bring it along to work with you, and you’ve got yourself a tasty and above all else, HEALTHY salad.

Oh…and that was MUCH FASTER than waiting in line at the fast food counter too!

Time to make: under 5 minutes

Cost: Less than $2.50

Calories: under 300

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Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

May 06 2013

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Download Menu (pdf) here: Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

Download Groceries (pdf) here: Grocery List for this Meal

Mother's Day Brunch

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Fast Food Is Not Cheaper

March 27 2013

By MealEasy in Family

Fast food is not cheaper


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MealEasy puts kids in the Driver Seat

February 27 2013

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Chinese Noodles with Chicken

Chinese style noodles with chicken

One of the best ways to introduce children to new cuisines is to try new dishes in the comfort of your own home. Children are curious and love to explore new things. Making it fun by letting them choose the country not only gets them involved, but puts them in charge.

Kids love being in the driver’s seat. When children are involved in the healthy What’s for Dinner? decision, they will learn to make better choices and be proud to be part of the solution.

MealEasy offers many cuisine options including Chinese, Greek, Italian, Mexian, Middle Eastern and so much more.

Take a stroll around the world with MealEasy. Explore new foods, and have fun with your children.





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Healthy Snacks for Kids

January 02 2013

By MealEasy in Articles, Children, Family, Planning Tips

The key to healthy eating for children is learning good eating habits early in life. Most young children graze and snack throughout the day. But is what they are eating good for them? Are they learning healthy habits?

Limit empty calories

Children will ask for food that is marketed directly towards them, such as fast food, candy and foods with empty calories. But by limiting the junk food that gives them empty calories and contributes to restlessness and sugar-rushes, you can help them learn good habits.

Children learn at a young age how food makes them feel. Comfort food such as homemade soup, homeade breads and healthy snacks will give children the association of goodness with good food. After all, junk food is loaded of fat, calories, sugar and salt and do not contribute to a child’s overall nutrition. Rather, they fill their tummies full of nothing, help them choose goodness over junk.

Give Unhealthy Snacks the Boot

Stocking up on sugary drinks and unhealthy lunch box snacks because they are on sale does not bring savings. In fact, if children are raised with unhealthy eating habits, they will continue throughout their life struggling with health issues. Giving your children healthy eating habits at an early age is a precious gift.

Here are a few healthy snack ideas to add to your child’s lunch box:

• Whole grain toast with low-fat cheese spread
• Veggie mixture of sweet corn, snow peas, peas, carrots, cucumber
• Yogurt, preferably natural without added sugar
• Cut up mixed fruit
• Homemade whole grain biscuits – add finely grated apple, cheese, carrots before baking.
• Raw vegetables such as carrots, or baby carrots.
• Dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, apricots, banana
• Seeds and nuts (please follow nut policies in schools and daycare)
• Eggs, scrambled, boiled, mashed
• Salads with healthy salad dressings
• Cherry or grape tomatoes
• Whole fruit such as a pear, apple, plum, grapes, orange

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Put Family First – Eat Together

November 05 2012

By MealEasy in Articles, Family

Healthy meals make happy families

We live in a hectic time.

For parents with young children, it can be very stressful rushing to after-school activities, often stopping to quickly grab a fast meal somewhere on the road. Home cooking has become an uncommon occurrence in millions of American kitchens now that grocery store shelves are packed with convenience meals, and kids crave the junk food that fast food companies directly market to them.

Families spend less time eating together than they did a generation ago. According to a national poll conducted by RGA Communications in 1995, only one-third of U.S. families said they “usually have their evening meal together on a daily basis”. Continue reading

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