1. What you eat matters

MealEasy is indisputably the most sensible and sustainable approach to eating the right food. It’s simply smart, that means it takes the stressful and dangerous guessing game we play with our food and turns it into predictable and enjoyable family time. 15 minutes of planning a week is all it takes to know what you are going to eat ahead of time. When planning ahead you know the food you will be eating is good for you. It avoids mindless eating and it gives you the peace of mind that makes your life a lot less stressful.

2. Personally yours

MealEasy knows. Based on your pre-selected preferences MealEasy learns what’s right for you, modifies the program settings and then automatically applies these to all your meal selections. Now that’s a smart and sensible way to go about your meals. It’s the end of guessing with your food and the end of worrying about your next meal.

3. Weight loss / weight control

With MealEasy, it’s about sensible eating rather than a fad diet. Planning is the first step towards managing your weight. Predictable and controlled eating guarantees results. MealEasy can be customized to give you only the recipes that fit within your personal weight loss goals. MealEasy is about sensible eating by planning ahead and controlling what we eat.

4. Keep your money

Prepare your own meals in the comfort of your home for less than .25 cents/day. The money you save could pay for the next family vacation! Just do the math. Take lasagna for example, and compare the cost of eating out vs homemade. The savings are up to 600%. These kinds of savings can amount to hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands throughout a year.

5. Eat right with confidence

MealEasy has been developed over many years with the input of health professionals and follows nationally recognized nutritional guidelines. All MealEasy meals have been taste and time-tested by our executive chef to give you 100% confidence that you’re eating right and spending less time in the kitchen. Most MealEasy meals have short prep time of 15 minutes or less.

6. Flexibility & variety

When you join MealEasy, you’ll have the unique benefit of unlimited access to a variety of features. For example, you can switch between six different diets, change serving sizes to any number, select ingredients to avoid, save favorite recipes to your profile, choose freezable meals, select meals based on cost, enjoy recommended wine pairings, and so much more. MealEasy livens up your life by cutting out the mealtime worries.

7. Anytime-anywhere access

Your personal meal planner can be accessed wherever, whenever, as long as you have an internet connection and a browser on most devices. Use your smart phone to access your grocery list at the store or choose the weekend menu while riding on the bus.

8. Prevention – longevity

You’ll be ahead of the game with MealEasy. Independent national studies have proven that the right food can significantly help prevent the leading fatal diseases. By eating the right food, you’ll considerably reduce your chance of dealing with disease and increase your chance of a long happy and healthy life! Additionally, teaching children to choose and prepare healthy meals will encourage them to grow up and make healthy choices. Pass on a legacy of healthy eating to your children with MealEasy.

9. Have more time to eat right

A common belief is that homemade food preparation takes too much time. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Having no plan results in extra trips to the grocery store, aimless wandering around the kitchen, and constant worries. Planning ahead ensures you have what you need in the kitchen to make a fabulous meal everyone will enjoy. MealEasy saves you a lot of time and frustration – we guarantee it!

10. Unbiased and advertisement free

Navigating through the site, you’ll get our undivided attention. It’s all about you and how we can best serve your needs. MealEasy is a sponsor and advertisement free site. It’s all about you – no hidden agendas!


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