A Smarter Alternative to Make-At-Home Meal Kits

October 08 2018

By MealEasy in Articles, Blog

By now you have probably heard of the concept of meal kits… Having portioned ingredients delivered to your door, along with accompanying recipes to help make it easier to make “fresh” quick dinners at home. Popular meal kit services include Blue Apron and HelloFresh and have no doubt helped in making smarter food choices, while reducing the overall effort to produce the meal.

While this is great, the convenience does come at a price (monetary cost and your health) that needs to be considered and we invite you to consider a better alternative, our healthy meal planning service MealEasy.

Why It’s Better

Here are just a few reasons:

  1. The cost is significantly less. You’ll save hundreds vs meal kits.
  2. Ingredients are fresher and bought locally.
  3. It’s customized to your precise likes and dislikes.
  4. You have total control of the meals you wish to eat.
  5. Each meal has been designed to be quick to prepare.
  6. You don’t need to wait for ingredients to be delivered.
  7. You can use it any time you wish.
  8. Plan your lunches too.
  9. Helps improve overall health including losing weight or other health conditions.
  10. Delicious selection of over 2000 meals!

Even if you use a meal kit service like HelloFresh, BlueApron or others, consider adding MealEasy as a useful tool to plan and help make dinner prep easier, while experiencing new healthy meals at the same time.

Join thousands of others today and start something smart!



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