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Meal Plan Patient Support

One-Of-A-Kind Integrated Solution Taking Patient Care To The Next Level. The Easiest, Hands On Approach For Superior Treatment Outcome.

As a health care professional, you already understand the role that diet plays in your patient’s treatment outcome.

Dietitians, Naturopathic Doctors and Nutritionists across North America trust MealEasy Professional to help them achieve these important goals.

MealEasy Professional is an invaluable tool, putting your clinic at a distinct advantage. It allows you to work with clients by helping them to reach their treatment goals, contributing to better acceptance and compliance, and ultimately more successful end results.

Perfect Synergy

Signing up for MealEasy’s online meal planner gives your patients the tools to know what food is right for them, and how to prepare it. They will enjoy grocery lists that are automatically generated, full cooking instructions and many other unique features.

With MealEasy Professional you'll have access to your patients' meal plans to monitor their diet choices, portions, calories, etc. Enjoy the benefits of helping them to understand how eating well compliments their existing care, and if required, design a diet that suits their particular needs.

Designed For Your Clinic

When your clinic joins MealEasy Professional we will create a customized version of our meal planner including your logo and/or name. This customized site is what your patients will see upon login to their meal planner account.

Additionally, we’ll provide you with your own customized administrative site, enabling you to review and access each of your patients’ meal plans. Using the administrative site you can assist your clients with:

  • Choosing the right plan
  • Selecting correct portion amount and calorie levels
  • Selecting ingredients or foods to avoid
  • Following up to ensure they are on track to meet their dietary goals

Each patient signs up for a meal planner account using our meal planner sign up page.

Giving something back

We’ve developed a generous incentive and commission scheme, allowing you to benefit from each patient you enrol. Download our information PDF for details on how it works.

To find out how to have MealEasy Professional set up for your clinic

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